Founded in 1991, the Foreign Language Academy has grown from teaching a limited number of languages to being able to find its clients and students language instruction for Adults and ChildrenInterpretationand Translation in almost any language they request (see the complete list at the bottom of the page).

    Studentswho enroll in classes through the Foreign Language Academy benefit from having only native speakers as teachers.

With a large database of interpreters at our fingertips it is our mission to provide our clients with the appropriate language they request.  Our vast network of Independent Contractors make realistic to provide our clients with more than 80 languages.  The Independent Contractors we work with work odd days and times helping medical facilities, administrative and educational agencies, as well as local businesses and attorneys to communicate with people who are not fluent in English.  It is our job to provide the correct match between the contractor and client.

Clients from foreign countries look to the Foreign Language Academy to find the right Independent Contractor to translate their short legal documents into English. American companies involved in business around the world come to the Foreign Language Academy find the best (perferably native to the country) Independent Contractor to translate documents such as contracts, brochures, and web pages into foreign languages.

Customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost is the #1 reason clients have looked to us for 20 years for their foreign language instruction, interpretation and translation.

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